Life of a mom

Hello sweet friends!

I’ve been thinking lately how much of parenting advice is polar opposite. It can be overwhelming and very easy to think that you (speaking to myself also) aren’t doing, “_______” enough/or the right way.  I know I am my own worst critic but is easy to just dwell on the negative and feel like a constant failure. Especially when you hear only the polished version of motherhood through the Internet filters or read articles about how you shouldn’t complain because other moms are aching for the things you are complaining about.  So how do you show a real true view of motherhood without sounding like you are complaining or ungrateful?! I think we all need to give each other grace and love. Motherhood is amazing and wonderful and challenging and heart warming and heart breaking. What works for one mom might not work for you. I think the best thing we can do as moms is stop judging. 

I have had the toddler meltdowns a lot lately and have felt like I am doing something wrong and it wears on your spirit and soul. But I’ve praying a lot and asking God for strength and wisdom. Does that mean we ha e it figured out? No. Am I still nervous/worried about leaving my house with my boys without my husband? Yes!! In fact I’m terrified to show my face in the library and target if it’s just me and the littles.  Does that mean I’m a bad mom? No, but I still think I am (just being honest).

Am I’m complaining? I don’t think so and hope you don’t think I am. I love my two little boys with every fiber of my body.  I’m so glad that God gave them to us. Does that mean that on the days that feel never ending I don’t wish for the boys to be a little older so hopefully they listen to reason and don’t throw huge temper tantrums or that they could go potty? Sometimes I do feel myself wishing those hard days away. But if you asked me what my dream job was, hands down every time I’d say being a mom. I love when my almost 17 mo old still wants to cuddle me for hours a day. Do I wish he had word when he is screaming non stop? Yes. But for now I’m happy the 3yr old has words to spare ๐Ÿ˜‰. I do wish for the days I can stay focused while making dinner but I know my heart will ache when I don’t have the “baby” tugging on my pants or opening every cupboard or climbing in the dishwasher or taking the trash out of the trash can and bringing it to me. Or the toddler saying “mommy I want a skool so I can watch”. I’m working hard (with God’s help) to find joy in every moment. Some moments it is easy to see the joy others not so much.  

I think the best advice is be who God made you to be. God gave you your kids for a reason and picked you to be their mom. 

If you feel called to eat super healthy and have no fake ingredients, good for you. If you don’t feel called to that lifestyle, don’t feel guilty your kids are still fed *high five*. If you are somewhat in the middle between the two (that’s where I fall), that’s awesome, food still gets put on the table. 

If you feel like kids don’t need any screen time or very limited time I highly commend you for finding other activities for them to do. If you let your kids watch DVDs and have a little screen time on iPads (cough cough me), there is nothing wrong with that (my boys still play, love to read, go outside,etc), I personally sometimes need the screen to help recharge my batteries. 

If you are super crafy and Pinterest-y, that is awesome and I look up to you ladies. If you can’t draw a straight line with a ruler that is also amazing, without you the moms that sell items wouldn’t have a market. If you fall in the middle (myself) where you enjoy making/crafting but lack all the abilities-try (if you are intrestrred in it)- you might surprise yourself (I know I have lately). 

If you are a free range momma and don’t want to pressure your child towards one gender or the other, you are a great momma. If you feel like your child needs to accept the gender they were born with, you are still an amazing momma. 

Let’s stop comparing ourselves, deal? 

Now I’m going to go cuddle my babies and enjoy warm apple oatmeal bake while dreaming of fall and colder temps. 

Till next time, 




hello hello! 

Bear with me here guys, I have had 3โƒฃโ˜•๏ธ already today and just got both boys napping at the same time in the same room, so I am a little excited!!! 

I felt God asking me in mid to late Feb to not be on social media for the month of March. Let me tell you, it sounds way easier than it is! Annnnd I couldn’t quite do it.. Now I have not logged in to Facebook all month but I still checked Instagram daily ๐Ÿ˜ณ.. I have learned some lessons, social media is a wonderful tool yet it can not replace real people. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family when you don’t live nearby but it’s super easy to get sucked into. I realized I was checking fb or IG every hour sometimes, checking it before bed, first thing when I woke up, etc. -which don’t get me wrong friends, I am a firm believer in some mindless mom time, but it’s uber easy to get caught up thinking that “I’m doing something wrong as a mom” or “my house isn’t perfect” or “my kids aren’t dressed in the right clothes or eating the right foods”  or “my kids are the only ones with grocery store meltdowns and the only ones who don’t listen”. So for this month of March (that has felt like forever and ever) I have realized that motherhood is not easy but it’s not worth trying to cover up the “bad”, I am going to be committed to telling the truth and the whole truth to hopefully give some other amazing moms encouragement (also not trying to get pity or be all “woo is me my life sucks”)

In February I received a “happy mommy box” (wonderful company btw) and the monthly print was “do small things with love” I have been quoting that all this month bc frankly I needed the reminder. My boys have been sick more days this year than well. So this momma is starting to feel worn out. Their doctor can’t seem to give me any hard reasons why. At one point he said Abe had asthma yet won’t 100% say that’s the cause for him wheezing. Leeland has had “respiratory induced wheezing” and on Friday got the diagnosis of “rsv” and an ear infection. Abe caught it from Leeland and yesterday was mega sick (couldn’t even keep water down and doing a nebulizer treatment every 2hrs) when his apt rolled around the pedi sent us for  chest X-ray and said Abe might have pneumonia, we won’t know for sure till the follow up apt this evening. Thankfully today Abe has had a little more energy and has been able to keep *knock on wood * saltines and water down!  Needles to say we are popping  albuterol like tags ๐Ÿ˜œ.  All that to say I will be very happy when Leeland is of the antibiotics since they are not agreeing with his tummy. But I’m super glad Abe has kept food down today (but maybe avoid our sofa next time you visit ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ j/k I’ve been busy cleaning it up ๐Ÿ˜‰ also can’t wait till he is old enough to understand the “bucket” isn’t scary and keeps the mess in one place lol). Thank the Lord for a washer and dryer!! 

Motherhood is hard, but my goodness so rewarding! The all nighter Leelamd pulled Thursday night/Friday morning really cemented in me how blessed I am. I have two wonderful (not perfect) boys who love me and their daddy with all of their being. They both feel safe in our arms. Abe randomly blurts out that he loves daddy and mommy ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜. I truly have the #bestjobever (ps I really want on those shirts that say “best job ever”  as a reminder ๐Ÿ˜‰) 

Well enough random thoughts, I need to take advantage of napping kids and get that kitchen under control. This was good mom quiet time. Be encouraged moms, you got this! And God is on your side. 

Another current life saying of mine is “all I need today is a whole lot of Jesus & coffee!”  Together we can survive till daddy’s get home ๐Ÿ˜‰. 

Till next time, 


” I can do all things through Him who gives me strength ” Philippians 4:13



Frantic or fantastic Friday

Hello Friday!
Boy am I glad to see you!
This morning in my quiet time before officially starting the day, my devo was talking about not complaining and choosing joy. I always thought of myself as cheerful but I do my fair share of complaining. I grumble about doing the dishes or having to grocery shop with two littles or poopy diapers or not enough sleep or a bad hair day or temper tantrums or being to hot in the summer etc.
But when I really stop and think about it I am blessed beyond measure. I get to STAY home with my babies, I have TWO incredible boys, I have a wonderful husband who works hard for us, I have a coffee pot that makes incredible coffee, we have clean water, we are in a house that has AC, we have enough food to eat that we do make dirty dishes and then have a dishwasher to wash them all in, we have netflicks to help on grumpy toddler days. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.
Sure in the moment it is hard to chose joy (#keepingitreal) but I want to try and work on joy over complaining. I want my boys to see how I can handle the rough spots of the day and want to aspire to be like that.
The day might have started out frantic, couldn’t get the cereal poured fast enough or the bottle made in 0.9 nano seconds but my baby stayed dry all night and he slept long enough for me to take a long shower this morning, we had a fun play time (till baby decided he wanted to play with the same toy as big bro lol), and now I have time to blog and drink more coffee while Abe watches his favorite show maters tall tales on netflicks.



Not gonna lie mr Abe wasn’t sitting fully in the chair and fell out so after many hugs and cuddles I went and got his favorite blanket and stuffed animal


Keep it real friends.
Till next time,
Momma Clark


So ready for the weekend especially with a semi cranky teething baby ๐Ÿ˜‰


At least he is a cutie ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

Little bro is starting to want to play with big bro and big brother is still working on the sharing.
Hope your Thursday was bright and sunny and filled with good โ˜•๏ธ.
Till next time,
Momma clark

Mid week mom musings

Hello hello!
It has been a long time since I sat down to write.
Since last post, the baby has been born and just recently turned 9 months old (and is a little more independent so I have a little more free time lol ๐Ÿ˜‰). We have also moved cross country to what feels like a whole different world.
At times I really miss the coffee shop, parks everywhere, no huge stores vibe of our little chunk of the Pacific Northwest. Now we are almost as far south as you can get (still west though). It is much much warmer and while the winters are not bad I do NOT like the summer heat. I miss all the coffee shops, but I do not mind that I am 5mins from a Walmart or 10ish from the local Kroger (the call it frys and I’m always confusing it and calling it Freddy’s since that was our nickname for Fred Myers). We live in the suburbs and even if we are far from the big city I do not mind! I think I am a small town girl ๐Ÿ˜‰. Papa Clark is working his dream job as a diesel tech at the bobcat proving grounds. I get to just be s stay at home mom for our little boys. They both keep me on my toes especially since baby started army crawling on our Christmas vacation. One of the best parts about the move is we get to be renting a house and out of our town-home! Both papa clark and I really wish we could buy this house and not just rent it, it’s perfect for our family and truly feels like home. We also found a great church that is a bit of a drive but they have a wonderful children’s program and have MOPS! If you are a mom of young kids I highly recommend MOPS! I love getting out of the house, having a little bit of kid free time while they are in moppets and I have highly enjoyed the speakers and topics we have during the meeting, not to mention fellowship with other moms! It’s nice to know I am not alone in grocery store meltdowns, or picky eating or temper tantrums!

We have decided as a family to try and eat better again since we stopped when my moving sickness got bad. What we came up for our guidelines are: one carb per meal (so if having tacos for example no chips unless we don’t have a tortilla). Eliminate high fructose corn syrup (only natural sugars). No convenience foods (pre made lasagna, snacks foods like chips/pretzels, etc.-pre made salad bags ok if they don’t have HFCS in the dressing) yogurt also ok as long as no HFCS). Trying to eat cleaner with meat choices (especially lunch meats). It is not as drastic as the PALEO diet since we do still allow carbs (pastas/potatoes etc as long as we prepare them). But I think the sugar rule and the no snack food rule is great, we had already stopped buying chips but we subbed them for pretzels which even though they are way healthier they are super high in carbs. Little Clark is not amused when I say no pretzels or goldfish and that he can have carrots, but I’m sure one day he will realize how good carrots are ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Quick update on all of us:
Papa Clark (Rickey)- is 26, dashing as ever, working hard at his dream job, hobbies are turning his truck into a semi-desert truck, and he is currently fixing up a old infinity to be a daily driver while he swaps his truck.

Momma Clark ( myself)- 26, hates doing the dishes, loves spending time with the kids, loves coffee โ˜•๏ธโ˜•๏ธ, loves walking aimlessly around target, loves getting out of the house but hates driving.

Little Clark (Abraham)- is 2.5 (how did that happen?!?), loves anything with wheels, loves reading books, doing “hart” (art), the park, helping Daddy work in the garage, singing songs, and being silly.

Baby Clark (Leeland)- 9 months old, sitting solo, army crawling, LOVES LOVES LOVES food, chews on EVERYTHING (including shoes, shirts, toy cars, blankets, teething rings, books, blocks, etc), wants to be independent within eyesight of mom, thinks his brother is the coolest thing since sliced bread, can say “dada,momma, baba (Abe)” and can sign milk.

Pictures of are my sweetheart and myself, and then our boys when L turned 9mo on the 16th.




Till next time,
Momma Clark

Museum time!!

Thursday fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Imagehello my name is AbeBot and this is how i roll.

Imagelook its stick bugs but i will call them TURTLES and no matter how much you tell me otherwise mom they are turtles! still in robot mode ๐Ÿ™‚

Imageooo snake! thank you Grandma for lifting me up!

Imageย ball air cannon!ย 

Imageevery good driver looks behind to make sure its safe to back up

Imagenow onto mowing

Imageย hahahaha gotta love this face!ย 

Image“momma!!! i thought you were lost and here you are! MOMMA!!”

Imagelife is a stage

Lots of fun this morning! Especially when its a yucky day outside

part 3, its been one of those days..

Imageor eating the duck food.ย 

Imagenow i will throw them!ย 

Imageย finally got him to come back home after i pulled out the trike and he got convinced that he didn’t have to come back inside

Imagewe took the trike to our “back yard” behind our unit and it did really well 4x4ing!ย 

Imageย mommy and Grandma started to get tired and hungry so after many many tears convinced little man to come inside and drive trucks on the back deck so we could sit down

hi mommmmy, i go ‘SIDE pay with trucks?!”ย 

Imagecheese ball face

Imagei can see myself

Imagelunch time, every good super hero needs fuel.ย 

today mr man wasn’t feeling like himself and we learned he has a double ear infection ๐Ÿ˜ฆ poor baby! so extra cuddles are happening.ย 

till next time,ย 

momma clarkย